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Melodious Songs Ever in Hindi Films.

Friends LOVE! A feeling which is most important in your life, but it is no less important for a film. And so, the foundation on which Hindi movies are based i.e. the music also reflect the power of love. A humble attempt to salute all those beautiful love songs.

*Pehla Nasha - Jo Jeeta Wahi Sikander:My all-time favourite song, old or new, English or Hindi has to be Pehla Nasha! It is difficult to describe the beauty this song has. The beautiful lyrics (by Majrooh Sultanpuri) describe the innocence and elation of a first crush and the video is the icing on the cake. When Cupid strikes for the first time, the world seems to pass by in a haze. Others seem to be runing an F-1 race, while the love-struck remain dizzy in their joys, savouring every moment slowly. The slow-motion concept with Aamir snatching a piece of the sky in elation was a piece of genius. Udit Narayan is in top form while the criminally under-used Sadhana Sargam is simply divine. The piano piece at the beginning of the song gives me a strange inexplicable feeling whenever I hear the song. Simply the Cupid of all ballads!

*Baahon Ke Darmiyaan (Khamoshi) :

Wah, kya awaaz hai Hari-Haran ka aur Alka Yagnik! Hari-Haran was simply mesmerizing... Especially when he adds his own little voice technique to it. Soft, and simple music, with mostly soft tablas, flute and a bit of sitar... Ending the song with saxophone and bass guitar was amazing also... This is the kind of song that makes you doze off to a peaceful world... I love it... Can't describe anything else... Could J-L get any better than this??? Listen to it:

*Tere Bina Zindagi Se (Aandhi) :A poignant duet having great lyrics. One of the all time classics from R.D.Burman-Gulzar. Suchitra Sen looks dignified with those grey locks. She and Sanjeev Kumar made a great pair in this film. A song about wistfully looking back at the long period of separation. A hope that this time it?s forever. Tum jo keh do to aaj ki raat, chaand doobega nahi, raat ko rok lo. Raat ki baat hai, aur zindagi baaki to nahi .. so meaningful yet so much left unsaid?waah Gulzar saab!

*Tun bina jeeya jaye (Tum Bin) : But thats the way love is. Love follows a cycle - We love, lose & win in love again. Live life as per ur beliefs. Don’t change for someone. Even if u love him/her from the core of ur heart. Actually thats not love. Its just the illusion that makes u want a person with whom u dont really get along well. Its just that sometimes u fall in love with the idea of falling in love. So, if someone breaks ur heart don't let that affect ur life to an extent that u end up becoming a Devdas. If u cant get Paro then forget her, accept that she isnt made for u. By accepting it u r opening urself for new relationships

*Gazab Ka Hai Din - Qayamat Se Qayamat Tak is a flirteous number with one of the best opening pieces of music ever. Alka Yagnik and Udit Narayan sing this number well to complement the great music. Lyrics are beautiful, as always, because the lyricist in question is Majrooh again!

* Kuch Na Kaho(1942- A Love Story): Lovely song and great picturization. The waltzing tune and Manisha looking gorgeous in a white flowing dress. And the beautiful waltz between Manisha and Anil Kapoor, makes it a real romantic one.

*Tere Bina Zindagi Se( Aandhi): This song always touches my soul. Such wonderful sublime lyrics by Gulzar and soulful music by Pancham. And the beautiful picturization featuring the estranged couple( Sanjeev kumar and Suchitra Sen) meeting in the ruins, and reliving their memories.

*AA CHAL KE TUJHE.. (Door Gagan ke choan me ): This is one song I love humming all the time& just one of those really simple but touching compositions. I love quoting the lines jahan gham bhi na ho, aanson bhi naa ho, bas pyar hi pyar pale in those typical slam book questions like what do you percieve love as??; and the like.....

*Ae Kaash ke- Kumar Sanu-Kabhi Haan Kabhi Naa -1994
I included this song in my list of Kumar Sanu's best and I had to include this in the duo-s best too. This one is an awesome romantic number and this is why I like the music of Jatin-Lalit. Starts of with music and background chorus for about half a min and then Kumar Sanu sings this song at his best. The music and his voice go on so smoothly that makes me hear this song twice everytime my winamp plays it.

*Main Koi Aaisa Geet? from the movie YES BOSS. Abhijeet sings the song and Javed Akhter Sahab the lyricist. Jatin Lalit produces the song which is not only melodious but with some humor in the song. The way it was picturized makes the song gem. The softness and the jolly expressional style of signer as well as the music of a joyful mood make the song evergreen.

*Dheere Dheere - Aashiqui
It was again a debate between this song and the other songs of this album. In the end i just had to choose this song, because if i'm being 101% truthful with myself, i love this bit more than the others! It had a beautiful melody with lovely music and nice lyrics! A lovely NS number to check out near the beginning of their career!

*Mere Dil Bhi Kitna Pagal Hai - Saajan
One of the most beautiful NS numbers around, if you havent heard this song, i definitely recommend you check your ears at some institute somewhere! This is an absolutely gorgeous classic of N.S first. Picturised beautifully....the lyrics are heart is so mad....its madly in love with you....but whenever you come in front of me....its too scared to say anything...

*Yeh Haseen vadiyan-Roja
From the same film;roja, this is another classic and all time favorite song of mine. The best part is the way Rahman begins the song slowly with a humming sound ( probably bass guitar) and transcends brilliantly with piano into a slow beat and echos. The lyrics are good too, but again, what makes the song more beautiful is the music which comes in between the paras of the song. Overall, a amazing song.

*Love is all about promises. Love is infact itself a promise. A promise more kept than broken. My next stop 2 : Jab Koi Baat Bigad Jaaye. Sung by Kumar Sanu, from the movie Jurm. Music is rendered by Rajesh Roshan and lyrics by Indeevar. The song is in itself a promise. It says Jab koi baat bigad jaaye tum dena saath mera ohh, ham navaaz . Fantastic lyrics and great style of music. Kumar Sanu has done a fantastic job along with Sadhna Sargam. It talks about the promises of love and takes us to a world of relieved senses. Soft yet strong, thats about the promises, lyrics and the music.

*Those wonderful evening, i think of you, wander in your thoughts, pick the stones around the park and a song breathes in my lips. 5: Yeh Shaam Mastani. Those wonderful moments unfold yet again with this song. The wonderful moments of love and life. Under the voice of Kishore Da, this song has some uplifts and downstream path and the song is not as simple as to sing it as to hear it. Its a song which rejunivates your mind and senses and your heart fills with some feeling unexpressable. Lyrics by Anand Bakshi, Music by RD Burman and from the film Kali Patang.